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Khallad bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh ( خلاد بن عمرو بن الجموح بن زيد الأنصاري ( رضي الله عنه
Scholar:1008 - Khallad bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh Comp.(RA)
Full Name:Khallad bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh bin Zayd b. Haram b. Ka'b b. Ghanm b. Ka'b b. Salima
Parents:'Amr bin al-Jamuh bin Zayd / Hind bint 'Amr bin Haram
Siblings: Mu'adh bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh, Mu'awwidh bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh, Hind bint 'Amr bin al-Jamuh bin Zayd, 'Abdur Rahman bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh, 'Uthman bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh, Mukhalad bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh, al-Samma
Birth Date/Place: (Medinah)
Death Date/Place: 3 AH/625 CE (Hijaz, Uhud)[ Martyred(Uhud) ]
Places of Stay: Medina
Area of Interest:Recitation/Quran
Narrated From:
Muhammad (saw),
Tags :Ansar, Khazraj, B.Jusham, B.Salima, Aqaba 2, Badr, Uhud
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Brief Biography:
He and his two brothers and mother were among the first batch of people living in Medinah to accept Islam due to the teachings of Mus'ab ibn 'Umair, who was sent by the Prophet (saw) before the hijra to spread Islam. Along with his brothers and mother, they helped convert their father.
Last Updated:2010-01-05
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Tabaqat[Vol:3] , Siyar A'lam[1/252-252]
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Tabaqat Ibn Sa'd - الطبقات الكبرى ابن سعد [ Companion (RA), Id:265. - pg:Vol:3]
خلاد بن عمرو بن الجموح بن زيد بن حرام وأمه هند بنت عمرو بن حرام بن ثعلبة بن حرام شهد بدرا في روايتهم جميعا وشهد أحد وليس له عقب

Siyar A'lam al-Dhahbi - سير أعلام النبلاء - الذهبي [ Companion (RA), Id:43. - pg:1/252-252]
أخوهما خلاد بن عمرو
شهد بدرا واستشهد يوم أحد

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