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Evaluation Survey

Please visit the welcome/home page, read it completely and go through same of the samples from the side bar. Please let us know what you think about this web site features, benefits and usability, and provide feedback including suggestions and improvements.

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1. Name of the website ( Excellent      Good       Look for better name      Should be change..     
2. Content of home/welcome page? Excellent      Good      Make it more appealing      Should include..     
3. Look & feel (colors/fonts used, etc.)? Excellent      Good      Make it more appealing      Suggestions..     
4. Easy to navigate (access the desired information)? Very easy      Somewhat easy      Need some effort      Suggestions..     
5. Overall user interface? Excellent      Good      Make it more appealing      Suggestions..     
6. Is this website/database beneficial? Beneficial for everyone      Useful for student of knowledge      Not really useful      Suggestions..     
7. Are the resources used authentic? Yes      Mostly authentic      Mostly un-authentic      Suggestions..     
8. Are the resources used sufficient? More than sufficient      Sufficient      No      Should also use..     
9. Are search options sufficient? Yes      Some improvements      Not sufficient      Suggestions..     
10. Scholar information view screen format? Excellent      Need some organization      Need to redesign       Suggestions..     
11. Which feature is most useful? Timelines      Family Tree      Chains to Companion       Suggestions..     

Please enter your overall comments in the space provided below:


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