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Hind bint 'Amr bin Haram ( هند بنت عمرو بن حرام ( رضي الله عنها
Scholar:1071 - Hind bint 'Amr bin Haram Comp.(RA)
Full Name:Hind bint 'Amr bin Haram b. Tha'laba b. Haram b. Ka'b b. Ghanm b. Ka'b b. Salima
Parents:'Amr bin Haram b. Tha'laba / Hind bint Qays
Siblings: 'Abdullah ibn 'Amr bin Haram, Ash-Shamus bint 'Amr bin Haram, Lumays bint 'Amr bin Haram, Umm 'Amr bint 'Amr bin Haram, Fatima bint 'Amr bin Haram
Birth Date/Place: (Medinah)
Death Date/Place: (Medina)[ Natural ]
Places of Stay: Medina
Area of Interest:Recitation/Quran
Spouse(s):'Amr bin al-Jamuh bin Zayd
Children :Mu'adh bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh, Mu'awwidh bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh, Khallad bin 'Amr bin al-Jamuh
Narrated From:
Muhammad (saw),
Tags :Female, Ansar, Khazraj, B.Jusham, B.Salima
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Brief Biography:
She and her three sons were among the first batch of people living in Medina to accept Islam due to the teachings of Mus'ab ibn 'Umair, who was sent by the Prophet (saw) before the hijra to spread Islam. Later they helped convert her husband.
She was a devoted woman companion. Even when her son (Khallad), husband and brother all died in the Battle of Uhud, she accepted it as the will of Allah (swt) and was happy that Prophet(saw) is fine.
Last Updated:2010-11-04
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Tabaqat Ibn Sa'd - الطبقات الكبرى ابن سعد [Woman Companion (RA), Id:10369. - pg:Vol:8]
هند بنت عمرو بن حرام بن ثعلبة بن حرام بن كعب بن غنم بن كعب بن سلمة وأمها هند بنت قيس بن القريم بن أمية بن سنان بن كعب بن غنم بن كعب بن سلمة تزوجها عمرو بن الجموح بن زيد بن حرام فولدت له وأسلمت هند وبايعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم وشهدت هند خيبر مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

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