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Muhammad al-Saffarini
Scholar:120016 - Muhammad al-Saffarini 12th Century AH [Hanbali]
Full Name:Muhammad al-Saffarini
Death Date/Place: 1188 AH ()[ Natural ]
Area of Interest:Traditionalist, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Art/Poetry
Tags :Scholar, Hanbali
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Brief Biography:
A traditionist and jurist and a profound writer on various issues. He is most commonly famous for his poetic treatise on Hanbali theology called: al-Durrah al-Mudhiyah fi ‘Aqd al-Firqat al-Mardhiyah, which generally falls in line with the mainstream Hanbali dogma, bar few instances. However, in his commentary, known as Lawami’ al-Anwar al-Bahiyah, he often tends to contradict his poem, in agreement with the mainstream Hanbali doctrine. His poem, nevertheless, still remains popular amongst Hanbali students.
Last Updated:2009-04-24

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