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Ibn al-Jawzi
Scholar:60001 - Ibn al-Jawzi 6th Century AH [Hanbali]
Full Name:Ibn al-Jawzi
Death Date/Place: 597 AH ()[ Natural ]
Area of Interest:Narrator[Grade:No Doubt] , Fiqh, Aqeedah
Tags :Scholar, Hanbali
Analysis:[] [Family Tree 2] [Student List]
Brief Biography:
A famous jurist, exegete, critic, preacher and a prolific author, with works on all subjects. He began his preaching career at a very young age and gained popularity amongst the masses. Although, he never met Ibn ‘Aqil, he did receive a fair amount of tutelage from his books, which left him perplexed about the orthodox doctrine of the Hanbali school; as reflected in his theological opinions that are often contradictory, and at times leaning towards allegorical exegesis (ta’wil) conflicting with the mainstream Hanbali position. His works in theology, thereafter, were criticised by the mainstream theologians of the Madhab, such as Ibn Qudama.
Last Updated:2009-04-24

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